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    The Kraftworks for Kids program has been designed from the ground up to engage creative children. The activities that we offer all encourage patience, persistence, and practical skills. They are both challenging and entertaining.

    All of our activities are structured around Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of capability. Our Leaders are trained to ensure that your child receives the right amount of guidance for their level of ability.

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    At Kraftworks for Kids all of our activities are available every day at each of our locations. If your child is interested in any of the activities that we offer then we have the Leaders and the kits to ensure they have fun!

    Our main activities include Figurine Painting, Jewellery Making, Plasterkraft, Scale Modelling, and Stitchery. Any spare time is occupied by Kumihimo and Origami. When we take a break we play awesome boardgames.

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    We developed the school holiday program that we wanted our children to attend. A program for creative kids that would encourage their creativity as well as develop their practical skills while having fun with their friends.

    It is important to us that kids attending the program have fun. If they are having fun then they are engaged by the activities. If they are engaged by the activities then they are learning new skills and developing existing ones.

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It's an all too common situation...
The school holidays are upon you and nothing is organized for the kids!

The Kraftworks for Kids program was developed for kids who are too old for child-minding but too young to be left home alone. Creative kids, for whom sport isn't necessarily their number one activity. Kids who prefer working and playing in small groups rather than large ones. We selected five activities that are easy enough to learn the basics but are also complicated enough to be enjoyed throughout a lifetime. We then developed a program around each activity so that we had Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons in each of those activities.

We ensure that each Leader in our program is responsible for at most five kids. This ensures that every child receives the attention they need to learn and develop their skills. It also helps them to get to know their Leader and the other handful of children working in the group.

We take a break from our activities during morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. During these breaks we play boardgames. The Leader is there to explain the rules when necessary and there's not much in life that is more satisfying for a child than beating an adult at a game. Boardgames are more fun than computer games!

For further information or to make a booking phone Patricia on 1300 99 59 59 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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