Figurine Painting
A broad selection of figurines from the largest manufacturer in the world

The Figurine Painting activity is based around a particular figurine rather than a kit. The figurines are categorized as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. All Beginner figurines come with step-by-step instructions. These instructions detail precisely how to paint the figurine, covering both colour selection and the techniques to use in each step. These figurines also come pre-based and undercoated. Intermediate and Advanced figurines come straight out of the box. Some assembly is often required and all figurines have to be based. The student will plan their colour selection, prepare the figurine, assemble the figurine, and base the figurine -- before touching the paint. If this seems like a slow process that is because it is a slow process. Intermediate figurines take a day to produce - and require all of the skills learned through the Beginner figurines. It is for this reason that we do not allow students to tackle Intermediate or Advanced figurines until they have demonstrated their competency with the Beginner figurines.

Apprentices may attend one three-hour session on any given day.

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