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At Kraftworks for Kids we have four types of Leader.

The Coordinator

The Coordinator is the person that is in charge of any session. The other Leaders can seek their assistance when needed. They are responsible for coordinating the other Leaders, for organizing the morning and afternoon breaks, for organizing the Lunch Orders, and for handling parent enquiries.

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders are over 18 years of age, have worked at Kraftworks for more than a year, and have been trained in all of the activities. They are familiar with Kraftworks and the way it runs. They are the first person the Coordinator turns to when something needs to be done above and beyond the normal Leader duties.


Leaders are responsible for one table of students. Usually that is a maximum of five students, and usually those students will be performing the same activity. A Leader, at a minimum, will have received their General Training and training in one activity.

Junior Leaders

The Junior Leaders are those serving their apprenticeship at Kraftworks for Kids. Any staff member between the ages of 13 and 15, or any staff member over that age but yet to work across two school holiday programs, is designated a Junior Leader. A Junior Leader performs the same duties as a Leader but receives closer support from the Coordinator and from the Senior Leader. The apprenticeship period is a time of gaining confidence, of putting into practice the things learned at training, and a time to gain some practical experience of working at Kraftworks.

We put a lot of time and effort into our Leaders. We are keen to ensure that they learn a lot, gain confidence and experience, and enjoy their time with us. In return we expect a lot from our staff. Working at Kraftworks is fun, but we can only be successful if those attending Kraftworks enjoy themselves - and, just as importantly, student's parents can see that they are getting good value for money from our program.

With authority comes responsibility; with priviledge comes obligation.

Like to work for us?

The Kraftworks for Kids Leaders Training Program is specifically geared towards people taking their first tentative steps into the workforce.

The Leaders Training Program begins with the General Module. It covers the Standard Operating Procedures for Kraftworks. Then there are five Activity Modules. Each of these modues covers a different Activity that we run. One training module is run each month, ensuring that each module is taught twice each year.

Preference is given to students who have attended the Kraftworks for Kids school holiday program. If you have attended the program regularly we will already have a fair idea whether you would make a suitable Leader.

Show Me The Money!

The minimum wage in Australia for people outside an award structure is as follows:

Under 16 years of age: $5.87 per hour,
At 16 years of age: $7.55 per hour,
At 17 years of age: $9.22 per hour,
At 18 years of age: $10.90 per hour,
At 19 years of age: $13.17 per hour,
At 20 years of age: $15.59 per hour.

As of 1st Jan, 2013 at Kraftworks we pay:

Junior Leader (1 Activity): $16/hour
Junior Leader (2 Activities): $17/hour
Junior Leader (3 Activities): $18/hour
Junior Leader (4 Activities): $19/hour
Junior Leader (5 Activities): $20/hour
Program Coordinator: $30/hour

Why do we pay so much more than the minimum wage? There are many reasons but two stand out. Firstly, we respect our staff. We want them to understand that we hold them in high regard and that we believe that they deserve what they are paid. Secondly, we want people to want to work at Kraftworks for Kids. We want our staff to be keen to work for us and to bring that enthusiasm with them every time they come to work.



Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.



He who masters patience masters all other things.



Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.


Practical Skills

The common thread that binds all Kraftworks activities is their practical nature.

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