Jewellery Making
Kits designed to teach and challenge

Our Jewellery Making kits are designed to teach various skills through the completion of each kit. The Beginners kits cover the basic techniques of stringing beads in order to make necklaces, bracelets, chokers, and earrings. The Intermediate kits cover a variety of techniques for stitching beads. Stitching itself is not particularly difficult but the patterns are complicated - and any mistake is very obvious. In addition the beads involved are very small. As a result we ensure that any student is proficient in beading before they move on to stitching. Our Advanced kits introduce students to wire working in the form of chainmail. Chainmail patterns are quite complex and the techniques require precision and strength in the fingers.

We have a wide variety of Jewellery Making kits available each with variations based on colour.

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Practical Skills

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